Sunday, August 3, 2014


Its an amazing special!  Call me book a time that is best for your family.  Sunset is awesome, if you were wondering which is preferred time to do a session.  Also, clothing no logos, casual beachy is great!  Are you wondering who should be in the pics?  Its a 30 minute session  so do your family. Your your husband the kids.  If you want only the kids one, two five however many you have!  If you have extended family here and want to do sessions with everyone we can.  We can use the 30 minute session or you can do an hour for 300.  Its up to you.  I give you all the images I take from the session from 50 image to 200.  I do a lot of cool pics in the time frame we so don't worry.  I work with the kids making them laugh.  We can do candids as well.  Bring sea shells if you like.  Also feel free to go as far as getting wet splashing and having a blast towards the end of the session.  Its your session and I will do what ever you want.  Lets have fun. 
So you get all the images on disk, what does this mean????
you can go online and print your own holiday cards from this awesome session.  you can order your own canvas prints wall portraits, gift portraits, make an album on your own.  Whatever you want.  Its very cool. 
My normal rates.... 275. per session and 500. for the disk. total of 775.

why the discounted rate???? I am here on vacation for the month of August, so why not have a great special.  Its a win-win!  So call me as soon as you know you want to do a session. Leave me a text whichever.  Lets make it happen. 
Thanks so much.  Hope to capture beautiful images for you and your family.

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